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Babysitters in Sofia and the region

Services for your home

Part-time or full-time care for children in the client’s home

Do you need someone trustworthy, someone, you can trust your child with, without having to worry, while you work or have to go out for a couple of hours?

We, company “Kristanita,” offer part-time or full-time care for children, in their home, on the territory of Sofia and the region.

  • Full-time care can include activities for the children, like walking or playing games, until the parents come home.
  • Part-time care can include taking the child to and back from school or kindergarten, or just one of these services depending on the client’s needs. Minimal use per day is 4 hours.

Childcare at night or throughout the night

Children are not only responsibility during working hours. This is why we are more than capable of providing care for them at any time of the day.

We offer help throughout the night if the family wants to celebrate and needs someone to take care of the children. If the child goes to school, the babysitter can help with or monitor the school preparations.

Transport to and back from school

For our clients, we offer to transport the child to and back from school, kids clubs or other destinations. Our approach during the trip goes according to the individual needs of the little person, and our drivers are safe and reliable on the road.

The transport could be supervised by one of our babysitters, if necessary.

Our babysitters are certified

“Kristanita” Company develops the abilities of our babysitters with monthly training done by psychologists and psychotherapists, with a certified program of four modules:

I-st module
-child development – narcissistic phase
Developmental standards 0-18m.
– training
– integration in the family
– training
II-nd module
– child development – social phase
Developmental standards 18-38m.
– training
– childhood illnesses and acute conditions
– training
III-rd module
– child development – latent phase
– training
– personal qualities, values
– training
IV-th module
– child development – puberty
– training
– overview


Our team is devoted to childcare, and the services we provide are high-quality and unparalleled. See for yourselves!

***In case of emergency “Kristanita” guarantees qualified help of psychologists for the staff as well as for the family.