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Housekeepers in Sofia and the region

Services for your home

Help with the household; cleaning, shopping, cooking

The fast-paced daily life often forces us to deprive our family or even us, in order to meet with all our responsibilities and obligations.

This is why; we “Kristanita” Company are here for one of the most time-consuming obligations – housekeeping, and we provide housekeepers for every household.

The housekeeper ensures the comfort, hygiene, and safety of the client’s home in their absence or at a time convenient for the client, as well as cleans with appropriate equipment and cleaning agents.

The housekeeper will use, the dishwasher and washing machine, she will let the clothes dry and iron them.

If necessary, she will do the groceries and cook meals. She will take the pets for a walk. She can clean the common premises and respond to other demands of the client regarding housekeeping.

Rejoice in more free time, without the need to turn your day into one continuous rush “from work to home and from home to work.” Trust us.