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Transportation and assistance for the elderly

Services for your home

Accompanying the elderly to the hospitals in Sofia and the region

Do you need help with the transportation of an elderly relative to the hospital?

We offer to accompany them to the hospital or other institution, by your choosing. For the purpose, we have at our disposal qualified personal assistants, some of whom have medical training. They will pick the elderly person from their home with the company car and take them to the appointed place. If necessary, for the comfort of the elderly, a wheelchair can be used. The assistant will wait in the hospital until the examinations are over. If necessary, they will help during the procedures. After that, they will bring them back home while tending to their comfort and well-being the whole time.

In more difficult cases, we can offer transport with a private ambulance in Sofia and the region.

We trust only experienced assistants so that we can be sure that our service is at an optimal level, and the care for the elderly is up to their individual standards and needs.

Our team is devoted to the care for elderly and sick people, and the services we provide are high-quality and unparalleled. See for yourselves!