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Professional cleaning in Sofia and the region

Services for your home

Would you like us to clean your home?

We offer excellent cleaning service for your home. We provide trained housekeepers. We have at our disposal modern equipment, which can be utilised according to your preferences.




Professional extractor TMB EXTRACT P 25 (washing vacuum machine)- guaranteed excellent results with washing carpets, furniture, spring-beds and upholstery.




Еднодискова машина за подово почистване



One-disc machine for floors cleaning. It is suitable for complete cleaning of hard or soft extremely dirty surfaces.




Професионален парогенератор GAL


Professional steam-generator GAL, it is a machine that creates dry steam under pressure with temperature from 160°, which achieves an excellent level of cleanliness and disinfection.

Eco-friendly and pure method of cleaning without the need for cleansing agents and no fine dust left in the air. You can clean everything, in the home, with the special attachments, intended for that. It is unparalleled with cleaning:

  • Glass and rubber packings, entrance doors, stickers from window frames, graffiti work.;
  • All kinds of floors – the steam-generator is the easiest way to clean gaps, bathrooms, and lavatories;
  • Luxury parquet, expensive wood, upholstered furniture, spring-beds, sofas, curtains, blinds;
  • Stove grease, deep-fryers, refrigerators.


професионални препарати и обезмаслители


We work with professional cleaning agents and degreasers by the German makers Kleen Purgatis.


We, from “Kristanita” Company, work entirely in service of your leisure time. We are expecting you!