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Kristanita – Professional help in the household

Services for your home

Housekeeping, elderly and child care on the territory of Sofia and the region

We established “Kristanita” Company in 2010, with the main purpose of facilitating communication among people. In the fast-paced daily life, every one of us needs competent and reliable help.

We offer exactly that.

With both feet on the ground, we can meet your demands, and offer round-the-clock care for you, your child, your elderly relative, your home. We are your compass in the maze of human relations.

Kristanita: In service of your home

We offer professional help for the household in the following areas:

We employ staff, with no taxes and commissions, with clients from Sofia and the region. Throughout the years we have won the hearts of hundreds of happy clients, which is our reward and source of pride.

Why “Kristanita?”

  • We have at our disposal the most skilfully trained staff in the area because we offer further qualification with the help of psychologists and specialists. Our housekeepers, babysitters and elderly caregivers provide attentive and high-quality service, in a way that leaves no problems unsolved.
  • We work tirelessly to ensure your comfort and save you from wasting your time and resources.
  • For your child, we offer help also from qualified educators, for better comprehension. Children have fun and learn under our steady guidance.
  • Due to our infallible insight, we succeed in fulfilling your demands, under all circumstances and for all tastes.

Trust us! Choose us! Let us make your dreams come true.