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Kristanita: In service of your home.

Services for your home

Kristanita: In service of your home.
Кристанита - в услуга за Вашия дом

In the fast-paced daily life, every one of us needs competent and reliable help for their home. Someone you can trust your child with, without having to worry.

Someone to help with the chores by restoring the harmony and beauty in your home, while protecting your property. Someone to lend a hand with the help of an elderly relative with a lot of care and utmost attention.

We can provide exactly that.

What makes us different from the other companies on the market?

Mainly, we dare say, our lovely team of professionals – psychologists and educators, who provide high-quality services especially for you. This team radiates charisma and trustworthiness.

We established “Kristanita” Company, with the main purpose of facilitating communication among people.

What do we offer in service of your home:

In addition to these services, our company provides activities for students, with the purpose of improving their results and facilitating the learning process. We work individually with every child, and it soon shows progress, set at ease by our positive attitude and stress-free environment.
We approach each client individually, finding the most suitable help for them. We guarantee quality, honesty, and safety.

You won’t go wrong if you turn to us. We are expecting you!